01 May 2020



Relaxation Therapy



DATE: Friday 1st May 2020


Speaker: Dr Judy Lovas

Dr Judy Lovas is an experienced health educator who presents Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)and Evidence based Relaxation Therapy training. Judy clearly translates leading PNI research into clinical relevance and shares her passion for mind body science. Her seminars highlight relaxation therapies as Focussed Psychological Strategies and important treatment options for chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders and trauma. In tertiary education, Judy teaches psychology, relaxation therapy, PNI and cellular health. She researched effects of massage therapy on immune function and demonstrated increased T and B cell activity,and her PhD examined psychological and immunological outcomes of massage therapy and guided imagery on secondary conditions in people with spinal cord injury.


Workshop description: 

Join Dr Judy Lovas for this unique, practical seminar to gain more evidence based clinical skills.

Explore leading research in Psychoneuroimmunology, the science of mind body health

Experience relaxation techniques for self-care

Learn benefits of relaxation for anxiety, pain, depression, sleep disorders, trauma and chronic conditions

Understand clinical applications to enhance patient health.


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